Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking boundaries and decide: A big challenge!

Breaking boundaries and decide: A big challenge!

There are moments that have extended that decision to be made. They are moments that often bring distress and anxiety. Ask us about how the consequences are. And is the fear of these consequences or even the attachment to the current situation to try to push up making some decisions. And this process, so common in everyone's life ends up in a steal precious energy. Some people, for not winning their procrastinations ends up having very serious problems in life in all areas. I hope this isn't your case, but if so, maybe these tips can help in some way:

- It's natural to us to be unsafe before we decide on something important. Understand that insecurity and not judge. However, try to understand that if you expect to have security to make the right decision it may never come, because we know that the only choice was whether or not the best, just after we do!

- A good exercise is to close your eyes and to project some time after having already made his decision. What would change? How likely would you feel? Let your inner psychological resources for that has such intent, act as your internal consultant. Search project into the future. As simple as it sounds, this technique helps us a lot. Someone who has a doubt about something, but can't see into the future without the current situation, it may still need to work it better within himself before giving the final showdown. On the other hand, someone who totally changes the face and heartbeat to imagine having already won the hurdle of getting very happy now and maybe find a sign that the road is already sealed. Just having the courage to follow it.

- Although there is no absolute certainty about the best way, I believe this last tip is special: Just as in transit, if in doubt, don't exceed!

Stop, think and reflect. But in doubt seek to silence your mind and listen to your inner voice says.

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