Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Breaking News: Rajnikant was shot yesterday. Please attend the bullets funeral today.

May the bullets R.I.P !!!!

New note in Indian currency.

Rajani went for morning walk.
After 1 hour, the police arrested him.

Bcos He reached USA without VISA!!

Once Rajani bunked a whole day from school..
Since then that day is Known as Sunday..

Rajinikant got his driving license at the age of 16 seconds
Rajnikanth can see himself sleeping..

Rajnikanth once put a bonfire and that place is now known as SAHARA DESERT..!!

The “Rajnikant” award goes to OSCAR!!!

-         Rajni sentences the judge in the court

-         He can declare the third umpire out !

-         He can red-card a soccer match refree.
spelling of rajnikant is "Rajnikant" because there is nothing like RajniCan't

Rajni doesn’t find bugs in any code, because ‘Bugs’ come to watch his movie & they’re caught.. JThey have found ‘Bugs’ in Da Vinci code in similar fashion..  J
Rajnikant can make his girlfriend admit her mistake!..
Rajnikant can answer THE question “Do I Look Fat in this??...
Rajnikant can answer THE question How much do you love me??

Rajikant did his KG from 7 different places……….
Those 7 places are the present IITs in INDIA.

Whenever RAJNIKANT starts rising, the market starts falling!!!!

Rajini’s  favourite SQL query...
Select * from ORACLE;

Rajni has bought all the Rockets for Diwali…!!

Once Rajnikant Donated blood to a very small, sick and thin child.,
Today that child is known as "The Great Khali".

The pyramids in Egypt are actually ........
.......Rajinikant's primary school crafts project

My cell phone is full of Rajnikanth messages
And now
I don’t need a charger
NOM to Rajni fans.

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