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7 Spelling and Grammar Errors that Make You Look Dumb

7 Spelling and Grammar Errors that Make You Look Dumb

Dont let these easy-to-fix spelling and grammar mistakes make you look unprofessional.
In business, excellence is indeed worth striving for. Make sure all of your communications hold to high standards, because misspellings and bad grammar can hold you back in your career.

Many brilliant people have some communication weak spots. Unfortunately, the reality is that written communication is a big part of business, and how you write reflects on you. Poor spelling and grammar can destroy a professional image in an instant.
Even if your job doesn't require much business writing, you'll still have emails to send and notes to write. And if you're looking for a job, your cover letters and resumes will likely mean the difference between getting the interview or not.
Bad grammar and spelling make a bad impression. Don't let yourself lose an opportunity over a simple spelling or grammar mistake.
Here are seven simple grammatical errors that I see consistently in emails, cover letters and resumes.
Tip: Make yourself a little card cheat sheet and keep it in your wallet for easy reference.

You're / Your
The apostrophe means it's a contraction of two words; "you're" is the short version of "you are" (the "a" is dropped), so if your sentence makes sense if you say "you are," then you're good to use you're. "Your" means it belongs to you, it's yours.
· You're = if you mean "you are" then use the apostrophe
· Your = belonging to you
You're going to love your new job!

It's / Its
This one is confusing, because generally, in addition to being used in contractions, an apostrophe indicates ownership, as in "Dad's new car." But, "it's" is actually the short version of "it is" or "it has." "Its" with no apostrophe means belonging to it.
· It's = it is
· Its = belonging to it
It's important to remember to bring your telephone and its extra battery.

They're / Their / There
"They're" is a contraction of "they are." "Their" means belonging to them. "There" refers to a place (notice that the word "here" is part of it, which is also a place – so if it says here and there, it's a place). There = a place
· They're = they are
· Their = belonging to them
They're going to miss their teachers when they leave there.

Loose / Lose
These spellings really don't make much sense, so you just have to remember them. "Loose" is the opposite of tight, and rhymes with goose. "Lose" is the opposite of win, and rhymes with booze. (To show how unpredictable English is, compare another pair of words, "choose" and "chose," which are spelled the same except the initial sound, but pronounced differently. No wonder so many people get it wrong!)
· Loose = it's not tight, it's loosey goosey
· Lose= "don't lose the hose for the rose" is a way to remember the same spelling but a different pronunciation
I never thought I could lose so much weight; now my pants are all loose!

Lead / Led
Another common but glaring error. "Lead" means you're doing it in the present, and rhymes with deed. "Led" is the past tense of lead, and rhymes with sled. So you can "lead" your current organization, but you "led" the people in your previous job.
· Lead = present tense, rhymes with deed
· Led = past tense, rhymes with sled
My goal is to lead this team to success, just as I led my past teams into winning award after award.

A lot / Alot / Allot
First the bad news: there is no such word as "alot." "A lot" refers to quantity, and "allot" means to distribute or parcel out.
There is a lot of confusion about this one, so I'm going to allot ten minutes to review these rules of grammar.

Between you and I
This one is widely misused, even by TV news anchors who should know better.
In English, we use a different pronoun depending on whether it's the subject or the object of the sentence: I/me, she/her, he/him, they/them. This becomes second nature for us and we rarely make mistakes with the glaring exception of when we have to choose between "you and I" or "you and me."
Grammar Girl does a far better job of explaining this than I, but suffice to say that "between you and I" is never correct, and although it is becoming more common, it's kind of like saying "him did a great job." It is glaringly incorrect.
The easy rule of thumb is to replace the "you and I" or "you and me" with either "we" or "us" and you'll quickly see which form is right. If "us" works, then use "you and me" and if "we" works, then use "you and I."
Between you and me (us), here are the secrets to how you and I (we) can learn to write better.
Master these common errors and you'll remove some of the mistakes and red flags that make you look like you have no idea how to speak.

With all consideration

My thoughts on life and living it

My thoughts on life and living it
by Marlene Blaszczyk

Think Big! Take Risks! Love Life!

Dream. Dare to dream large.
Never quit, go after what you want with a totally committed attitude.
Remember life is so short that you must enjoy each and every moment.

Look at your fears, laugh, then move forward.
Accept responsibility for your actions and the type of person you want to be.
Learn to love learning.
Grow constantly. Embrace change willingly.

Never say never. Think like a winner.
Learn to love yourself, forgive yourself and be happy being who you are.

Surround yourself with positive messages and people.
Be in charge of your life only, let others be who they are.
Be kind, think right about the other person, always expecting the best from them.
Learn to be effective, not always right.

Include God in your life.
Thank him for all he has given you, your family and friends.

Be the type of friend you would like to have.
Make a difference to just one person, each and every day of your life,
whether it be by a smile, a gentle touch, a kind word or a helping hand.

Learn to be flexible, few things are black and white and written in stone.
And above all, remember that people are much more important than things.

Potential Women

Potential Women

"I don't serve as an example for anything, but if you want to know if that's possible, I offer myself as a test driver.
Miss Imperfect'm very pleased.
An imperfect one that does everything you need to do, as a good professional, mother and woman who I'm: I work every day, make my money, go to the supermarket three times a week, I decide the menu of meals, take their children in school and seek, lunch with them, study them, I call my mother every night, I try my friends, dating, traveling, going to the movies, pay my bills, I answer tons of emails, I review the dentist, mammography, path half hours every day, buy flowers for home, I arrange home repairs,
I attend events and meetings related to my profession and I still do brush every week - and nails!
And between one thing and another, read books.
So I'm busy, but not a workaholic.
For more disciplined and responsible than I'm, I learned a couple of things that work miracles.
First, to say NO.
Second: don't feel one bit guilty for saying NO.
Blame for anything, actually. There is Coke Zero, Zero Recruit. Because it includes in its list Zero Guilt.
When you were born, no prophet entered the maternity ward and he pointed the finger saying that from that now you would be model for others.
His father and mother, believe me, didn't have this expectation: all that is wished you didn't cry a lot during the early morning and should suck straight.
You're not Madonna. You are humbly a woman. And if you don't learn to delegate, prioritize and have fun, bye-bye life interesting.
Because life isn't interesting to have a busy schedule, it isn't always be politically correct, isn't run into any project for money, isn't suit everyone and for you to create the false impression of being indispensable.
You have time. Time to do nothing. Time to do everything. Time to dance alone in the room. Time to poke around a record store. Time to go away for two days with his love. Three days. Five days!
Time for a massage. Time to see the novel. Time to get that her friend who is a consultant of beauty products. Time to do volunteer work. Time to look for a new lamp for your room. Time to meet other people. Going back to school. To become pregnant. Time to write a book that you don't know if one day will be edited. Time, mainly to find out that you can be perfectly organized and professional without ceasing to exist.
Because our life isn't accounted for by a time clock or by the number of memos virtual jamming our mail box.
Exist, which will be served? Intended to have time for, not against.
The modern woman walks too old. Believes that, if not super, if not mega, if not an executive ISO 9000 will not be thoroughly evaluated.
Trying to prove so-and-what not to-know-who.
Must respect the mosaic itself, focus every bit of you.
If the job is a big chunk of your life, great! Nothing is more elegant, charming and intelligent than being independente. Woman that is sustained is far sexier and more free to come and go. Since recall
separate some good moments of the week to enjoy that independence, but slavery is the same that kept us locked up at home, watching life through the window. Slowing down has a cost.
You may need to forget the Prada bag, the hotel decorated by Philippe Starck and MAC lipstick.
But if you need to sell your soul to the devil for all that, frankly, you need to review their values.
To find out that a straw bag, hotel a rustic seaside and face washing (ok, forget the face washes) may be pleasures five stars and give us a new perspective on what is, after all, an interesting life. "

Monday, September 26, 2011

Put an End to Negativity

Put an End to Negativity
by Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

“Awareness is the power you need to take control.”
Throughout each day you’re constantly talking to yourself.
It’s completely normal. We all do it.
In fact we do it so much that our subconscious mind accepts what we say as truth.
This acceptance forms the beliefs that we have of ourselves,
and how we perceive that others see us.
If your self-talk is negative, your beliefs about yourself will be also.
On the flip side, if your self-talk is positive and self-empowering,
so is the image and the beliefs you have of yourself.
Take time today and tune in to how you’re speaking to yourself.
Identify precisely what beliefs you’re forming based on your self-talk
and bring them to your conscious mind.
Question them, scrutinize them, and become familiar with what are they telling you.
The awareness gained by doing this is the first major step toward
an empowerment that will affect everything in your life!

Today’s Affirmation: I am aware of my self-talk and its power.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How strange it is...

How strange it is...

We wish to earn loads of money, but we have the best of times only when we have just 10 bucks in pocket;
We wish to wear high brands, but we feel most comfortable in pyjamas;
We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people, but we enjoy roadside vendor food with friends the most;
We wish to own big cars and go on long drives yet we talk to our heart out only while walking down a long road;
We have 64GB ipods filled with songs, but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile that cant be compared;
Life is simple indeed...
We make it complex by running after what never gives us joy...
Love life...
Take note of small things...
For when you achieve the bigger ones, you can smile and say.
''I HAVE LIVED IT ALL'' :-) !)

Just try and njoyy

Just try and njoyy

An Indian found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on
the Computer which can be named as "CON". This is
something funny and inexplicable? At Microsoft the whole
Team, couldn't answer why this happened!

Magic #2
Did you know that a flight number from one of the planes that hit one
of the two WTC towers on 9/11 was Q33N. In Notepad / WordPad or MS
Word, type that flight number i.e. Q33N. Increase the font size to 72.
Change the font to Wingdings. ….. u will be amazed by the

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it?

Noticed the weird bug?
No one can explain!

Again this is something funny and can't be explained?
At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates,
couldn't answer why this happened!

It was discovered by a Brazilian. Try it out

Open Microsoft Word and type

=rand (200, 99)

And then press ENTER
And see the result

Always welcome a new day with a 'Smile'

Always welcome a new day with a

'Smile' on your lips,

'Love' in your heart ,

'Good thoughts' in your mind,

And you will have a

Wonderful day & week ahead.

Good Morning my dear friend!

Sometimes all you can give is love


Sometimes all you can give is love
Sometimes all you have is not enough

Sometimes life is like a dream
Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem

Sometimes laughter can heal your heart
Sometimes it’s laughter that breaks it apart

Sometimes the world goes faster than you can go
Sometimes even fast is still too slow

Sometimes going home is the only thing on your mind
Sometimes home is the only place you can’t find

Sometimes you are too tired to sleep
Sometimes you are too sad to weep

Sometimes freedom holds you back
Sometimes a wedding dress is black

Sometimes loneliness is what you need
Sometimes there’s a harvest without a seed

Sometimes darkness can be too bright
Sometimes rain gives you delight

Sometimes you think you understand
Sometimes you know you really can’t

Sometimes what sets you free are restrictions
Sometimes what makes most sense are contradictions

I love you my friend ...

I'm here to thank you for the affection you have with me
and I make a request:
Pray for me!
For I'm going through a very delicate moment in my life:
It's very serious, I went to the doctor today and
the cardiologist found that I have you in the heart,
the doctor who takes care of the sleeping area,
told me that makes me dream of you as well,
the psychologist said that you think is good,
the audiologist said to speak and hear his name is great!
The physiotherapist said that walking in your company is good,
but I had a warning:
said stay away from you is bad for my health.
And that their presence felt even virtually, the computer is the best medicine,
and your affection prescribed each hour in continuous use.
So I depend on your friendship, your kindness,
promise me you'll take care of my health?
I love you my friend ...
Many caresses.

It is funny

It is funny

It is funny how hello always ends with a goodbye,
It is funny how good memories can start to make you cry.
It is funny how forever never really seems to last,
It is funny how much you`d lose if you forgot about your past.
It is funny how friends can just leave you when you are down,
It is funny how when you need someone they are never around.
It is funny how people change and think they`re so much better,
It is funny how many lies can be packed in one "love letter".
It is funny how people forgive even though they can't forget,
It is funny how one night can contain so much regret.
It is funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all, none of that is funny to me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A different Love letter and a beautiful reply

A teenage college guy sent a love letter (in Q/A format) to his classmate. 

My Dearest Ishaa, 

Please answer the following questionnaire. For Options 

(A) 10 marks, 
(b) 5marks and 
(c) 3 marks. 

1) Whenever you enter the class room, your sight always falls on me because: 

(a) of love 
(b) you couldn't control seeing me 
(c) really ... Am I doing it? 

2) Whenever professor cracks joke, you laugh and turn and look at me because: 

(a) you always like to see me smiling 
(b) you are testing whether I like jokes 
(c) you are attracted by my smile 

3) When you were singing in the class, I entered and immediately you stopped singing because: 

(a) you are so coy to sing before me 
(b) my presence influenced you 
(c) you feared that whether I'll like your song 

4) When you were showing your childhood photo, when I asked for it, you hide it because: 

(a) you felt ashamed 
(b) you felt uneasy 
(c) you don't know 

5) During trekking, myself and my friend gave you hand for lifting you and you took only my friend's because: 

(a) you enjoyed my disappointment 
(b) you won't feel leaving my hand after grabbing 
(c) you don't know 

6) You were waiting yesterday for bus and didn't get into your bus... 

(a) you were waiting for me 
(b) you were dreaming about me and didn't notice the bus 
(c) that bus was crowded 

7) You introduced me to your parents when they came to college because: 

(a) I am going to be your groom 
(b) you just want to know what your parents think about me 
(c) just you felt like introducing me to them 

I told that I like girls wearing roses. Next day, you came with a rose on your head because: 

(a) to fulfill my wish 
(b) you like roses 
(c) by chance you got a rose 

9) On that day, it was my birthday. You too came to temple early at 6:00 A.M because: 

(a) you want to pray along with me 
(b) you want to meet me before any one could meet on my birthday 
(c) you want to wish me at temple because you are spiritual. 

If you have scored more than 40, then you are loving me. Don't delay in expressing it. 

If you have scored between 30 and 40, love is budding in your heart and it's getting ready to bloom. If you have scored less than 30, you are in confusion whether to love me or not. 

Eagerly awaiting your reply.. 

Love , Aanshu 

************ ********* 

Ishaa's reply letter was also in Q/A format ........ 

Aanshu , 

Please answer the following Yes/No questionnaire.

1) If somebody sits in the first row, normally people entering the class, sees them. 

(a) Yes (b) No 

2) If a girl laughs and looks anyone, is it love? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

3) While singing, if somebody forgets lines of the songs, will he/she stop singing or not? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

4) I was showing to my friends (who are all girls) my childhood photo. 

You poked your nose inside..... Right ? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

5) I avoided to hold your hand during trekking. Couldn't you understand yet? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

6) Should I not wait for my best friend ( Anjali ) at the bus stand? 

(a)Yes (b) No 

7) Shouldn't I introduce you to my parents as a friend? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

You have said you also like Lotus, cauliflower, banana's flower. Is it true ? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

9) Oh was that your birthday. That's why I could see you in temple. I come daily to Temple . Do you know ? 

(a) Yes (b) No 

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the question, then I am not loving you. If you have answered "No", then you don't know the meaning of Love. 

Hope everything is clear to you .

Chai k Liye jaise Toast hota hai..

Chai k Liye jaise Toast hota hai,
Waise har ek BOSS zaruri hota hai.
Koi friday evening review par bulaye
Koi saturday ko bhi office bulaye

Ek teri idea ko apna bataye,
Aur Ek tera target har month badhaye
Koi nature se gentle,
koi sadist hota hai,
Par har ek boss zaruri hota hai.

Ek ghadi ghadi review kare par kabhi kabhi advice (Bakwaas) de
Ek kabhi kabhi review kare aur ghadi ghadi advice (Bakwaas) de

Koi Gyan ka ghoomta phirta satellite,
Koi din raat rakhe team ko tight;
Koi welcomed hai, koi forced hota hai
Par har ek boss zaruri hota hai

Koi bossy boss,
koi friendly boss
Koi Data crazy excel boss.
Moody boss, koi gloomy boss
Early morning office aane wala Boss,
Koi late night jaane wala Boss

Koi promote na kare aur appraisal me tarsaye
Koi good suggestion ko bhi thukhraye
Koi best friend aur, koi aloof hota hai
Par har ek boss Zaruri hota hai !! :)