Friday, September 23, 2011

I love you my friend ...

I'm here to thank you for the affection you have with me
and I make a request:
Pray for me!
For I'm going through a very delicate moment in my life:
It's very serious, I went to the doctor today and
the cardiologist found that I have you in the heart,
the doctor who takes care of the sleeping area,
told me that makes me dream of you as well,
the psychologist said that you think is good,
the audiologist said to speak and hear his name is great!
The physiotherapist said that walking in your company is good,
but I had a warning:
said stay away from you is bad for my health.
And that their presence felt even virtually, the computer is the best medicine,
and your affection prescribed each hour in continuous use.
So I depend on your friendship, your kindness,
promise me you'll take care of my health?
I love you my friend ...
Many caresses.

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