Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Most Bizarre Marriage Rituals Around The World

#10 New Guinea

#10 New Guinea

New Guinea has a very weird ritual for the bachelors and Spinsters. So a girl in New Guinea is allowed to be physically intimate with someone at 6-8 years of age, while the age of boys is determined 10-12 years. 

They can sleep with each other before marriage, but not share a meal together before marriage. This sounds so weird.

#9 Cook Islands

#9 Cook Islands Mangia, a place in Cook Islands has this ritual where boys have s*x at 13 years old. To learn about the act, they have s*x with elder women. Women teach them the art of making love.

Now this is indeed bizarre. Checkout more such rituals ahead...

#8 Cambodia

Cambodia is the most free spirited country when it comes to having s*x. In Cambodia, special shelters are built for teenage girls to have s*x. There is a reason for this. 

They spend nights with different guys until they find a suitable partner. Surprise Surprise! Divorce is ILLEGAL!
#8 Cambodia

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